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Water Balance Guidelines

Water Balance Guidelines

The benefits of good water balance include an efficient use of chlorine, good quality bathing conditions with clear and clean water, with less likelihood of pool problems like algae and scale formation.

Our table highlights the problems assocciated with incorrect water balance:

PH Chlorine released slowly 7.2 to 7.6 Skin and eye irritation, Water will become very acidity, Water will start to be corrosive and start to stain.
Total alkalinity Scale forming 80 to 120 mg/ltr (ppm) ph (bounces) around. Water more aggressive. Corrosion more likely in pool.
Calcium hardness ph hard to move. Cloudy water likely min 200mg/Itr (ppm) and corrosive Water is likely to be aggressive
Cyanuric acid (ppm) Scale forming 25 to 30 mg/ltr (ppm) Max level 55 to 60 mg / ltr
Total dissolved solids Sunlight will destroy chlorine faster
Chlorine less effective, can promote scale
max 1500mg/Itr (ppm) No problems

What affects balance? Chemical properties will have an effect on the ph. Acid rain can reduce the ph. Water from the mains can be hard or soft depending on where you are in the country.

Our table shows you how to adjust the water balance:

PH 7.2 to 7.6 TO RAISE: use alkali (soda ash)
TO LOWER: use acid (sodium bisulphate)
Total alkalinity 80 to 120 mg/ltr (ppm) TO RAISE: use TA Increaser sodium bicarbonate
TO LOWER: use sodium bisulphate / hydrochloric acid but need to seek assistance as if done incorrectly could cause bleaching in liner / cover
Calcium hardness 200 to 500 mg/ltr (ppm) TO RAISE: use Calcium Chloride Flakes
Cyanuric acid (ppm) 30 to 60 mg/ltr (ppm) TO RAISE: use pool conditioner
Total dissolved solids max 1500mg/Itr (ppm) regular backwashing will help keep this in line

How to Test your Water

A test kit should be able to help you decide which chemicals need to be added to your water and ensure a perfect harmony is achieved making your pool a safe to relax in. There are three different ways of testing your pool water:


These are used on the understanding that they are to be kept dry and in date and best used as a daily reference point. The units that ELM Leisure recommend are Aquasparkle 4 way test strips and Blue Horizon 6 way test strips.


This is more accurate than test strips, as long as they are calibrated at least once a year or twice a year if used regularly in line with manufacturers recommendations. The important part of digital testing is to keep your test tubes clean and dry while testing and the testing machine in a warm dry environment, as this may distort the readings and give false results


These are very easy to use and ideal for use with Salt Chlorinators and the Zodiac Magna Pool system. Visit Lovibond to access a free testing App to assist with your daily testing. The App works on the Langelier Scale, to help you underststand the readings go here.

Pool and Spa Maintenance Tips

A test kit should be able to help you decide which chemicals need to be added to your water and ensure a perfect harmony is achieved making your pool a safe to relax in. There are three different ways of testing your pool water:

Problem Solution
Green or cloudy pool water, slimy walls This is normally caused by algae and is easy to treat using a super shock or liquid chlorine (cannot be bought on-line, due to shipping laws, please visit our shop). A good rule of thumb for dosage of granular shock is 500g per 10,000 gallons or for liquid chlorine 5ltrs per 10,000 gallons. These doses may need increasing if the algae is deemed more serious, ask for advice
Cloudy water or slimy walls This is a build up of bacteria or algae which is easily treated with Granular Spa Shock or Spa Fusion.

Boast Pool Maintenance system

The BOAST System was designed by Blue Horizons to aid owners with understanding and applying maintenance products and methods.

Balancers Balancing your swimming pool water
Oxidisers Oxidise on a regular basis
Algaecides Algae prevention
Sanitisers Sanitise to ensure all bacteria is destroyed
Testing Test your water on a regular basis to ensure water is safe

Join our BOAST System of Water Testing Service - the modern computerised water analysis service. Let us test your water using our Total Analysis Programme (TAP). Computerised water analysis has never been so fast and accurate! This service is £10 (FREE on subsequent purchase of chemicals) - just bring in your water sample.