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In Business for 50 Years: Luxury Pool Design & Construction since 1973

Pool Covers

As part of a new pool project, a refurbishment or simply replacing an old cover, ELM Leisure will advise on the very best choice for your indoor or outdoor pool and are expert fitters in every kind of cover.


Standard Cover

A Standard Cover is a free standing Reel system with a bubble cover or thermal cover. They normally come in separate parts:

Aluminium reel with stands 1) tripod stand can also have wheels added to tripod as extra 2) Bold down stand or 3) fixed to wall stand or 4) fixed in escutcheons

The cover fitted is normally a Bubble cover or Thermal cover on some occasions you can use ABS slats
The cover reel can also be motorised on some models (which is assist on and full electric off)
The straps set is always extra normally set at 100mm in from each end and then 500mm to 700mm apart
Leading edge there are a few option this allows easy to pull the cover on to the swimming pool for one person

Standard Winter Cover

This type of cover is fitted to outdoor pools and allows you to shut the pool down for winter and make it safe, it will collect most of the debris over winter. Usually fitted approx 300mm longer and wider on each side of the pool. There are 2 options:

1. Woven, allowing water to pass through, like a sieve.

2. Sheet, with an optional mesh door installed to allow the water to pass through or not. This kind will block out sunlight and is likely to help keep the pool water in better condition over the 5-6 month shutdown. 

Both the above covers are retro-fitted with fixings to the patio in either P shaped pins drilled onto the patio or water bags (water bag type is not safety).

Automatic covers are usually built at same time as the pool, but are often retro-fitted. Experience is essential for these installations!

Slatted Cover

Slatted Covers are good thermal cover but are not known as SAFETY (unless hand rails are fitted down both sides of the pool). Slatted covers are quiet and slide effortlessly out of a hidden pit or down out of a bench.

Good for solar heat gain, the slats are double celled to keep the heat in the pool. Slatted covers come in a range of colours as Abs or Polycarbonate. They can be retro-fitted to your pool, if above ground, or built with the pool for the tidiest finish, hidden and come out of a letterbox type slot from one end of the pool.

Fabric Cover

Fabric covers are best for safety and winter cover. Blocking out all sunlight, these make a big saving on chemicals and provide a good seal in the closed position.

Available in multiple colours fabric covers can be retro-fitted to your pool if above ground, or as part of the pool build with a neater finish.

Moving Floor Cover

Moving Floor is highly specialised and best installed to the pool shell. This kind of cover allows us to set the depth of the pool with steps that form as the cover is lowered. By far the most expensive cover, it is a safety cover and a winter cover, mostly installed indoor but can be used outdoor.

Providing a solid floor when closed, this cover is fitted with either a lifting kit with a scissor-like action or pulley system. This can be retro-fitted but a full design check of the pool structure would be required.

See an example of a Moving Floor Pool Project HERE.