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In Business for 50 Years: Luxury Pool Design & Construction since 1973

Indoor Pool Design & Construction

Indoor pools have a particular set of challenges, with the fabric of your building at risk if left in inexperienced hands. Dehumidification, sanitation, pumps, heating, filtration, non-slip surfaces - all the technical considerations are taken care of without neglecting the aesthetics of the room. Designed to induce envy in your friends and neighbours, ELM Leisure has a reputation for creating pools that are as glamorous as they are state-of-the-art.

Specialist projects include creating multi-purpose rooms with a movable floor system, where a section of solid floor can be lowered to reveal a pool of any depth and Hydrotherapy pools that use Dryden Aqua’s ‘Daisy’ water treatment system for high-temperature, low-chlorine water, are just two examples of the non-standard jobs ELM Leisure are fully equipped to undertake.

Browse our projects in the slideshow gallery below and see more HERE.