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In Business for 50 Years: Luxury Pool Design & Construction since 1973

Pool Liners

ELM Leisure are trusted installers of Aquaflex’s quality pool liner products. Whether bag / pre-tailored or on-site, ELM Leisure will advise on, and install, the most appropiate liner for your new pool or your refurbishment project.

Bag / Pre-Tailored Liners

In a variety of designs and finishes, bag liners are typically 30 thou thick and are manufactured on a long bench in one piece to our design and measurements. Millimetre-critical, attention to detail is vital for a correct fit.

Although bag liners generally have a life span of 7 to 10 years, with good management - maintaining good water balance and not heating your pool too hot for too long - they can last 15 years or more.

On-Site Liners

On-Site liners are typically 1.5mm thick and reinforced and can last for 20 years. Cut and glued on-site to the pool shell, and with an underlay set beneath, they provide a nice high-end finish.

On-Site liners are UV stable making them stronger and longer lasting and able to cope with temperatures up to 33 degrees C.

Ideal for refurbishment projects, but a specialist job that requires an experienced engineer to ensure potnetial problems are not buried beneath the liner.

Prolonging the Life of your Liner

All pools with a liner MUST have a well managed chemical balance in the water to extend their life - see here for our WATER BALANCE GUIDELINES. Remember that diligence and care is important for you and your family, not just your pool liner! Contact us for more information about our MAINTENANCE SERVICES.