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Lovibond CHECKIT

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A MUST-HAVE for pool testing. Keeping control of the chemical levels to maintain the water balance, will lead to a much longer life of your liner, tiles, heater, and interconnection pipe work. Crucially you'll be swiming in better water.

CHECKIT® Comparator Test Kits are accurate, easy to use test kits for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the disc until the color matches the prepared water sample and read the concentration value.

Step-By-Step Instructions provide an illustrated step-by-step explanation of how to conduct the test - ensuring that even "non-chemists" can achieve reliable and accurate measurements quickly.

Wide Variety of Parameters
Many parameters have multiple testing ranges and methods available. Additional testing parameters can be added by purchasing additional discs and reagents - utilize the same comparator housing for all of your test.

One Piece Comparator Housing
The rugged design of the one-piece comparator housing has no "moving pieces" that can become lost or broken. Simply slip the color disc into the housing until it clicks into place and you're ready to test. Test results are easily viewed in the results window.

Easy to View Results
The Diffuser Panel on the backside of the CHECKIT® Comparator housing helps to disperse light evenly among the sample and the blank tube. This makes it easier to achieve an accurate color match and helps the user visually compensate for turbidity in the sample.

Continuous Color Gradient
Color discs have a continuous color gradient making it possible to achieve a direct color match - no need to extrapolate the result between two color standards.