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In Business for 50 Years: Luxury Pool Design & Construction since 1973

Fiberglass Pool Design & Construction

This indoor 11.5m x 3.8m pool is made from one-piece polyester Epoxy-Acrylate. In Newmarket in Suffolk, this project is a prime example of a one-piece pool. After the ground has been dug out, the installation and connection is relatively quick. Once the pool is in position, levelled up and squared to its final position, the pool needs to be properly supported when back filling. ELM Leisure's experience of one-piece pools is extensive, whether craning over a building or transporting across tricky terrain, moving and siting a one-piece pool is, without question, a professional's job. A full site survey is essential, along with an assessment of crane limits and the need for road closures and a Banksman.

Browse the gallery below to see behind the scenes of this construction and its plant room.